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Michael Zambelli has been drawing for most of his life. His lifelong fascination with drawing automobiles led to a career in Industrial Design earning a BSID degree from the University of Bridgeport. Throughout his 35 plus years of designing consumer products, he always maintained his interest in the fine arts visiting museums and galleries throughout the US, Europe and the former Soviet Union.

In 2011, he picked up some paint brushes and began painting in acrylics for the first time in his life. He has attended workshops at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Bedminster, NJ and the Visual Arts Center in Summit, NJ. 


Michael has exhibited at numerous institutions throughout the state including juried shows at the Ocean City Arts Center, the Center for Contemporary Art, the Visual Arts Center, the Great Bay Art Gallery and the Arts on Asbury Gallery.


He is an associate artist at the Riverfront Renaissance Art Center in Millville and a member of the Ocean City Fine Arts League. He has won numerous awards for his paintings in South Jersey including first place awards for his paintings "Chef King" and "Before Starbucks".


Most of his paintings focus on artifacts of the 20th century including interesting products, automobiles and structures in urban landscapes. His primary objective is to capture the emotional aspects of these artifacts. Most of his images emphasize the play of light and shadow that not only help define the object’s form, but also conveys the mystery, history or the sense of loneliness that is often missed by the casual observer. His paintings are representational, but are deliberately executed in a painterly fashion to capture the various emotions.


Michael currently spends most of his summers and weekends exploring South Jersey. He finds the morning and late afternoon light ideal for capturing the attributes he looks for in the subjects he enjoys painting.


Please note that all of Michael's paintings presented on this website are acrylic on canvas (or panel) and range in size from 5x7 to 16x20. Please don't hesitate to contact Michael for more information.

You can also visit Michael's industrial design page - 


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